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Luxury 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment For Honeymooners


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For the newlyweds, what is the most ideal place for you to spend your honeymoon? Is it a place where you both enjoy being a husband and wife? Or a place where you first experience living like a family? A perfect and ideal place for that is the 1 bedroom serviced apartment hong kong, excellent for the privacy of the newly married couple.

Why choose a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are self-contained apartments available for:

  • short-term stays
  • long-term stays
  • leases up to 3 months

Some serviced apartments are already fully furnished and it is often right down to the contents of the kitchen cabinet. These serviced apartments can include:

  • management of other services
  • amenities like reception
  • access to a communal pool or gym

All these are accessible in one building. All these services make serviced apartments great for honeymooners.

What is a 1-bedroom serviced apartment?

Traveling is a wonderful adventure, but looking for the right accommodation is challenging. When tired of cramped hotel rooms that are neither affordable nor comfortable, setting sights on a 1-bedroom serviced apartment is a great option.

A 1-bedroom serviced apartment is intended for a single guest or a couple. Since you are a couple, you can share in bed, and feel the intimacy of your first night as a married couple. The well-appointed and spacious accommodations offer various benefits, making the stay more enjoyable. From fully-equipped kitchens to separated living areas and ample storage space, the serviced apartment provides all the home’s conveniences.

Benefits of getting a 1-bedroom apartment

Whether you travel for pleasure or business or looking for a permanent home away from home, the 1-bedroom serviced apartment in Hong Kong makes a stress-free and relaxing stay. Here are the benefits of 1 bedroom serviced apartment:

  • Easier to clean. Keeping the home tidy and clean is essential, but difficult especially if you are on the go. Luckily, staying in a 1-bedroom serviced apartment makes cleaning a breeze. Fewer rooms mean less clutter, you can quickly and easily clean the living space without sacrificing precious energy and time.
  • Feels less empty. Traveling alone is an exciting adventure, but can be an isolating and lonely experience if you stay in a hotel room. These rooms are cold, sterile, and impersonal leaving longing for the comfort of a home. It is where a 1-bedroom serviced apartment comes in. The small and cozy living space provides all the comfort and makes me feel less isolated and lonely during the trip. A 1-bedroom serviced apartment has the real beauty that makes it your feelings. Serviced apartments provide flexibility, decorating space with their own personal style. Adding your personal touch makes your serviced apartment a safe and warm sanctuary.
  • Lower rental costs. For the budget-conscious 1 bedroom serviced apartment for rent is a perfect solution. It is not only more affordable than the larger apartments but offers a convenient and comfortable experience.
  • Easier to find an ideal apartment. Although you are looking for an ideal apartment, it can be challenging. The unique size and abundance of smaller houses are easier to find. Staying in a 1-bedroom serviced apartment offers a wide range of benefits, making the stay more comfortable and enjoyable.


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